The Business Case for iPhone Applications and an iPhone Application Case Study

Ever wonder about the development process that other iPhone developers go through from idea conception to App Store submission? Or do you want to understand the iPhone ecosystem before diving into iPhone application development? Free, publicly available reports like this are rare. Fortunately, there are two such reports that may be of interest to iPhone developers, strategists, and entrepreneurs. The first report “The amazing iPhone: A guide to the iPhone opportunity for developers and business owners” provides some interesting insights into the iPhone landscape from a business and a technical perspective. The report also analyzes what applications are successful in the App Store. A companion report “The making of Coffee Buzz” is a case study of the design, development, and marketing of an iPhone application in the App Store. The reports were commissioned by Liverpool John Moores University‘s International Centre for Digital Content and written by Kisky Netmedia Limited. Of course you can read these reports but you can also attend 360|iDev to learn more. Enjoy the reports and hope to see you at the 360|iDev conference!

~ by Danton on February 19, 2009.

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