iPhone OS 3.0 – Beta available today with huge changes coming!

Apple’s two-hour press conference on the changes coming in iPhone OS 3.0 (thanks to ArsTechnica’s live coverage) reveals many changes are coming in June that users, developers, and entrepreneurs will love. Some of my favorite upcoming features are: new subscription models in which users can purchase a base application and purchase new/additional game levels, street guides, etc., all within the base application; automatic discovery of other nearby iPhones via Bluetooth and Bonjour; push notification; copy and paste for all applications; a public API for Maps although we’ll have to find our own source of map tiles; support for MMS; support for iCalender format for calendaring; a new Apple application named VoiceMemo for recording using the built-in mic or an external microphone; and many other changes described as a “…thousand new APIs and a hundred new features”… The beta is supposed to be available today for developers (hopefully all). Can’t wait to see the new APIs!

~ by Danton on March 17, 2009.

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