WWDC 2011 Session Details?

Several weeks ago during a working lunch I discovered that tickets for WWDC 2011 were on sale but decided to wait until I got home to purchase the tickets. Well, as with many of you that delay left me out in the cold! Since then I have been checking for details on the sessions to get an approximation of how much I would be missing. No luck here either! Although I’ve been to WWDC the last two years I don’t remember if the session details were available to everyone or just to attendees. With only 12 days until the start of WWDC the lack of details leads me to speculate as to why that might be. Is it because Apple has taken secrecy to an entirely new level? Is it because Apple is too busy with the changes that will come with Mac OS X 10.7 Lion? Or is it because there are massive changes for the next iOS beta? I think they are just too plain busy! I’d love to hear what you think though!

~ by Danton on May 25, 2011.

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