Fix Radar or GTFO

Ok. Ok. It is Friday but just because it has been a long work week and it is Friday doesn’t give you an excuse to not participate in adding your voice to ask Apple to fix Radar. By making Radar more transparent. By making it easier to browse a list of existing bugs. By making it easier to file bugs that impact your work. These and other Radar deficiencies have long been discussed by Mac and iOS developers. It has even led to a community effort to list bugs that have been filed at Open Radar.   If WWDC 2012 were announced today everyone knows all 5,000+ tickets would have been sold out in a few hours — certainly well before the end of the business day.  Fixing Radar is just as important as going to WWDC. Read about this community effort to ask Apple to fix Radar on your favorite news site such as TNW The Next Web or the Apple Insider. Better yet just go to Fix Radar or GTFO and follow the few simple instructions to add your voice in asking Apple to fix Radar. I was 391st with rdar://11249772. Ultimately regardless of whether your voice was the 5,001st or the 6,000th every voice is important. What number were you and what was your rdar?

~ by Danton on April 13, 2012.

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