WWDC 2009 – fifteen hours and counting!

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Over the years I’ve attended NeXTStep, JavaOne, 360Flex, and 360iDev Developer Conferences but this will be my first WWDC! I am pretty lucky to be attending WWDC this year and I am really looking forward to all of the sessions, labs, and the chance to meet other developers. It’s been five years since my last trip to San Francisco and each trip was to attend either a NeXTStep or a JavaOne Conference. My last trip to San Francisco was for my ninth JavaOne Conference and over the years I had seen attendance mushroom from about three thousand to well over 20,000. Decidedly not intimate and definitely frustrating because of the difficulty of navigating through and around so many people. So this will be a welcome change. Other differences aside from the number of attendees are that I think the conference will be a lot less frenetic since there are no BOFs scheduled late into the evening to compete with other functions. And during the day there will be no exhibit hall to visit allowing the focus to be on the sessions and labs. And I’m not really expecting Steve Jobs to show but it sure would be great if he did put in an appearance. I’m sure he would receive a standing ovation from the audience. The last time I heard him speak was at the last NeXTStep Conference I attended. He’s a great speaker. Wouldn’t it be great if Phil Schiller stole Jobs’ keynote line “…oh and one more thing…..” and out steps Steve Jobs to announce the next new device?

iPhone OS 3.0 – Beta available today with huge changes coming!

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Apple’s two-hour press conference on the changes coming in iPhone OS 3.0 (thanks to ArsTechnica’s live coverage) reveals many changes are coming in June that users, developers, and entrepreneurs will love. Some of my favorite upcoming features are: new subscription models in which users can purchase a base application and purchase new/additional game levels, street guides, etc., all within the base application; automatic discovery of other nearby iPhones via Bluetooth and Bonjour; push notification; copy and paste for all applications; a public API for Maps although we’ll have to find our own source of map tiles; support for MMS; support for iCalender format for calendaring; a new Apple application named VoiceMemo for recording using the built-in mic or an external microphone; and many other changes described as a “…thousand new APIs and a hundred new features”… The beta is supposed to be available today for developers (hopefully all). Can’t wait to see the new APIs!

360|iDev Conference. Day 1 Wrap-up: from Prototyping to Marketing iPhone applications

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            If you are an iPhone developer or an aspiring iPhone developer today’s content would have answered a lot of questions and created much food for thought. The conference kicked off with a warm welcome by John Wilkes and Tom Ortega followed by Mike Lee’s keynote “Welcome to the Neighborhood”. In part it was a personal story of his journey as a developer from Java to Cocoa. It was also an introduction to the Cocoa development community and some well-known contributors and bloggers, tools, and official and non-official resources. 

          Next up was a talk by Julio Barros on the pros and cons of the iPhone and Android platforms. Then Owen Goss gave a talk  on the “Creation of an iPhone Game: Process and Lessons”. His talk  detailed the hard learned lessons gained when he developed Dapple, a color matching puzzle game, now available in the App Store. Allan Musselman from Adobe talked about using Fireworks CS4 to prototype iPhone applications. Allan provided a link to a Google code project iphone-gui-fireworks-symbols which can be used to develop interactive protoypes using Fireworks. Allan also invited everyone and anyone to join him in weekly FireWorks Jam Sessions at 8 PM PST where participants can submit their questions. And Scott Michaels from Atimi talked about marketing your iPhone apps. His talk was invaluable with talk about bricks, squishes, navigating the Apple organization, and naming your app. Marketing is not something developers think about but this one was an eye opener. As always there were many more interesting talks then I could attend. The trip so far has certainly been worth it. And I’m looking forward to more great talks tomorrow.

360iDev Conference — Managing and Optimizing Memory Usage on iPhone Applications

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I’m here in San Jose where I will be speaking early Wednesday afternoon at the 360iDev Conference. Late Sunday afternoon I caught the tail end of  Joe Pezzillo’s hands-on-session on “3 Hello Worlds in 3 Hours” which judging by what I heard and the size of the crowd was pretty good. There are some interesting sessions that I’m looking forward to in the next few days such as Open GL ES among others. I’m slated to speak on Wednesday, the last day of the conference, from 1 to 2:20 PM right after lunch. My topic is “Managing and Optimizing Memory Usage.”  I’ll post the slides after I give the presentation. Hope to see you at 360iDev!

The Business Case for iPhone Applications and an iPhone Application Case Study

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Ever wonder about the development process that other iPhone developers go through from idea conception to App Store submission? Or do you want to understand the iPhone ecosystem before diving into iPhone application development? Free, publicly available reports like this are rare. Fortunately, there are two such reports that may be of interest to iPhone developers, strategists, and entrepreneurs. The first report “The amazing iPhone: A guide to the iPhone opportunity for developers and business owners” provides some interesting insights into the iPhone landscape from a business and a technical perspective. The report also analyzes what applications are successful in the App Store. A companion report “The making of Coffee Buzz” is a case study of the design, development, and marketing of an iPhone application in the App Store. The reports were commissioned by Liverpool John Moores University‘s International Centre for Digital Content and written by Kisky Netmedia Limited. Of course you can read these reports but you can also attend 360|iDev to learn more. Enjoy the reports and hope to see you at the 360|iDev conference!

360|iDev iPhone Developer Conference Includes Free Training

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A hallmark of 360Conferences is the free pre-conference training that is provided to all registered attendees. 360|iDev will not be different. The folks at 360Conferences have been busy lining up pre-conference training. In addition to all of the sessions Nitobi Inc. will be doing a hands-on session for their OpenSource PhoneGap product. 360|iDev has provided full details of the training session. A welcome reception will be held after the training. As far as I know 360Conferences are the only conferences to include free pre-conference training so be sure to register!

Actionscript 3 API Reference Viewer for the iPhone

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Mike Chambers announced the release of his app Actionscript 3 API Reference for the iPhone covering Flash Player 10, Flex 3.2, and AIR 1.5 yesterday in the iTunes AppStore. It is sure to be popular with Actionscript developers on the go! It’s a handy app and is rotation aware. Search for Actionscript or Mike Chambers to find the app from your iPhone or read more about the app from the home page . Have fun!

Speaking at iPhone Developer Conference!

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When I heard that 360Conferences was putting on an iPhone developer conference I decided to submit a presentation proposal.   360|iDev is organized by 360Conferences whose principals John Wilker and Tom Ortega have been putting on the 360|Flex Conferences. Ever been to a 360|Flex Conference? If you haven’t and you’re coming to 360|iDev you are in for a treat! John and Tom have been terrific at helping to build a strong developer community around Flex. And now I expect they will do the same for iPhone developers. How? Well, 360Conferences are different. They are organized by Tom and John, developers who are active in the Flex developer community and are now active in the iPhone developer community. 360Conferences are conferences put on by developers for developers! They know what developers want at a developer’s conference (besides good food and beer). And they give a portion of their profits back to the community! So if you’re an iPhone developer come and experience the 360Conferences difference! Whether you’re new to iPhone development or a pro with apps in the AppStore 360|iDev will have value for you. And if you’re looking to find new iPhone developer talent this will be a good place to be.  The speakers, developers, and business people I’ve met at 360Flex Conferences (360|Flex Atlanta in 2007 and 360|Flex San Jose in 2008 ) have been friendly, open, and willing to share their knowledge. Don’t miss the iPhone developer conference 360|iDev March 2 – 4, 2009 in San Jose, California! Hope to see you there!